Dear Colleagues

We are excited to share the great news that you’ve been named Best Commercial Cleaner by Industry Oversight Report in 2021.

We scored 301 Washoe County Commercial Cleaning companies across a variety of salient criteria, and Nevada Building Services has been recognized as the Top Commercial Cleaner in Reno. We want to reward your success and commitment to excellence, so we’re placing a ribbon on your profile and quotes.

Also, to help customers identify popular and top-rated professionals, we’ve featured you on our list of Best Office Cleaning Services in Reno.

Your recognition is particularly significant as leverages Artificial Intelligence to measure your performance and see how you stack up to industry benchmarks.

See the link below to access the complimentary award badge you earned for providing exceptionally high levels of service to your customers.

View & Share Award Badge

Hope you like the feature and looking forward to getting your feedback.


Klaus Schneider
General Manager

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