How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Office

How Often Should you Deep Clean your Office

All offices need to be kept clean, and that is for obvious reasons. Regular cleaning is good to maintain a clean and safe environment. Sometimes this is just not enough because some things get passed up during this regular cleaning.

Deep Office Cleaning

Deep office cleaning goes much further than just your regular cleaning. It involves more than just a wipe down of the surfaces. Going behind all of the things that are not normally moved around gets into the places that are not regularly cleaned, but also do not need attention on a daily basis.

Electrostatic Cleaning

Electrostatic cleaning offers a no touch approach while cleaning deeper than the traditional wipe down. Electrostatic disinfection uses a spray that is electrostatically charged mist that is applied to objects and surfaces. This method allows it to be evenly applied to any surface and even get into the hard to reach areas. It does not remove dirt and dust from a surface, but is more capable of entire covering a surface or object completely.

Now the Answer

It all depends on how often you should do a deep office cleaning. The general rule is twice a year. This still depends on the amount of traffic the office receives. The more traffic, the more often it should get a deep cleaning. It also depends on how much outside traffic is receives compared to the regular employees that are there on a daily basis.

Nevada Building Services offers deep office cleaning in Reno and surrounding areas. Tackling any size office is not a problem for our well trained cleaning crews. Being well versed in the process, we can assure you of a job done to perfection.

Call or contact us for any questions you may have about how often you should have deep office cleaning. We are locally owned and operated working in Reno and surrounding areas for over 35 years. All of our employees go through a rigorous background check and are certifiably trained. We are licensed, bonded and insured. All of our jobs are done to your complete satisfaction because we take more than pride in everything we do.

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