Eco Friendly Office Cleaning

Eco-friendly office cleaning is one of the best ways to keep the office space healthy while conserving the environment.

Eco Friendly Office Cleaning

More and more offices are moving towards eco-friendly office cleaning as an option for keeping the office healthy and safe. It uses environmentally safe products and methods in the process.

Safe Products

Safe products avoid damaging fauna and harming animals if leaked into the environment. These products clean just as good as their chemical counterparts, sometimes even better. These products reduce the amount of harmful vapors into the air and therefore reducing allergies.


Vacuuming the carpets should be done with a HEPA filtered vacuum. This almost completely reduces the amount of dust spewed back into the air. Using a vapor cleaner helps because it can clean any surface by only using hot water. Lint free cleaning rags keep down the amount of dust also.

Reduce Excess Trash

Encourage employees to bring in reusables from home. This could be thing like coffee mugs rather than the disposable ones along with their own water cups. Bringing in lunch from home also reduces the amount of trash (take out containers).

Hire a Professional

A professional eco-friendly cleaning contractor has all of the proper equipment and knowledge of correct use for effective cleaning. They will also have all of the correct products and knowhow of which products to use according to the cleaning.

We only use certified ECO friendly GREEN chemicals on all of our jobs. This ensures a totally environmentally friendly, clean office space.

We are locally owned and have been providing eco-friendly cleaning services in the Northern Nevada area for over 35 years. Our well trained staff goes through compete background checks and the company is insured and bonded.

Call or contact us for a free consultation or quote. We don’t just work for you we work with you and around your schedule. Offering after hours work and emergency cleaning, we understand that sometimes you need special attention when it comes to eco-friendly office cleaning. We can put together a specialized plan just for you.

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