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When done right, keeping your workspace clean and clutter-free will lead to an increase in productivity. Not only that, but customers will also respond positively to a clean, welcoming environment. That’s going to be one of the key things they remember about your business, and one they will keep in mind when in need of your services again.

Cleaning tasks checklist:

HEPA filter vacuuming

Unlike other vacuums that push particles back into the air, HEPA filter vacuums trap pollen, dander, smoke, and dust.

Hard-surface floor cleaning

If cleaned infrequently, hard-surface flooring wafts dust and grime with every step.

Consistent floor cleaning promotes not only the longevity of flooring, but also cleanliness of an entire workspace.

Dusting light fixtures, desks, shelving

One square inch of micro-fiber cloth has about 200,000 microscopic fibers.

Our detail-oriented teams use these tiny fibers to completely remove dust, leaving every room fresher than they found it.

Breakroom cleaning

Take a chore off everyone's to-do list and let us clean up behind the microwave.

Restroom cleaning and sanitization

We use color coded cloths to avoid cross contamination, and pay special attention to the cleanliness of high-touch spaces like sinks and toilets.

Window, glass, and mirror cleaning

Nothing makes a professional space shine quite like clean, clear glass!

Paper product replacement

Never run out of toilet paper again.

Trash removal

Recycling or trash- put it in the bin and we'll do the rest.

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