How Mental Health and Cleaning are Linked

How Mental Health and Cleaning are Linked

There are many benefits to having a clean environment and one of the main ones is mental health.

How Mental Health and Cleaning are Linked

Every day we usually feel some sort of stress in life. One thing that is said that can contribute to stress is having a cluttered workplace or home. Here are some examples on how clean environments and mental health are connected.

Your Image

Your company’s image means a lot to you, your employees and clients. Clients feel more comfortable doing business in an environment that is clean and tidy. It also shows how you conduct business and even work to bring in new clients.


Healthy employees tend to be more productive and are also happier. Not only do they tend to produce more, they are more likely to treat clients better because of their mindset.


A cluttered or messy workplace can be prone to accidents. This is dangerous for clients and employees alike. No one wants to be in an unsafe place and when accidents happen, insurances rise and customers will more than likely not return for future business.

Pest Control

Regular removal of trash bins help to keep out unwanted pests and rodents. These two can make for an unhealthy and unappealing environment. Of course these two can dramatically affect mental health for all.

As you can see there are many connections between mental health and a clean environment. Nevada Building Services have been creating safe, clean, happy environments in Reno, Sparks and Northern Nevada for over 35 years. Our mission has always been to provide the best professional commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

We are a family owned and operated business. Licensed and insured, our employees take pride in everything that we do. Call or contact us and we can go over everything that you need to know to have a safe healthy workplace environment. We can customize a specific plan just for you and around your schedule.

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