How Often Should You Have Your Office Sanitized?

How Often Should you have Your Office Sanitized?

Many offices are cleaned on a regular basis, but is it enough? One of the biggest mistakes is the rooms that are not used often enough do not need to be cleaned often. Then there comes the question of how often do I need to get my office sanitized?

Regular Cleaning

Regular office cleaning should never be substituted by any other type of seasonal cleaning or even a deep cleaning. These are two different types of cleaning services along with office sanitization. These should be performed at their own intervals which can vary from office to office.


Restrooms in offices should be cleaned in a consistent manner. There should be a checklist that would be used at least once a day. The busier the office the more often (like twice daily) it should be thoroughly cleaned.


Kitchens should be cleaned as often as they are used. This might sound tedious, but it is important. The kitchen, like the bathroom, is used all throughout the day and one time is not enough.


Carpets should be vacuumed once a day and maybe more depending on traffic. This helps to keep down airborne dust and other allergens. This way it is less likely that they will be spread throughout the office. This can also include anything else that uses a cloth fabric like curtains and office furniture.

Basically it all comes down to the amount of traffic you have around your office. If you have any questions about how often you should sanitize your office, we can answer all of your questions. We offer competitive rates and even custom tailor plans to meet your needs so that you don’t end up paying for services that you don’t want or need done.

Being licensed bonded and insured gives you peace of mind while we are working for you. Trained and certified employees assures you of a job well done. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on everything that we do. Call or contact us for any questions that you may have about office cleaning. We can work out an individualized plan and offer a free quote.

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