How to Improve Air Quality in the Office

Keeping the indoor air quality up can be challenging. Indoor air quality is by far worse the outdoor air.

Ways to Keep Indoor Air Quality Clean

There are several things that we do not think about when we want to keep our indoor air quality the best we can. Some are common sense and some others not so much thought about.

Take Care of all of the Air Ducts

Regular cleaning of the air ducts and filters can help reduce allergens and dust. After all this is one of their primary jobs.

Get Indoor Office Plants

Indoor office plants can add to a more natural atmosphere. Another benefit of having plants is that they help to absorb toxins and release oxygen into the air which improves air quality.

Go Green

Using eco-friendly products to clean the office helps out in more ways than one. They clean just as well as their chemical counterparts and have fewer chemical perfumes that can cause allergies in many people. There is also less residue left behind to be tracked around the office. Keep the Office Clean

This one is a no brainer. Keeping the office clean number one of all helps to reduce allergens. This is making sure that trash is removed on a regular basis and any food is properly put away in a safe storage place.

Hiring a Professional Janitorial Service

Nevada Building Services’ staff is trained in all aspects of commercial office cleaning and air quality control. We are always willing to work with office and facility managers in order to achieve their cleaning goals and needs.

We have been serving the Reno/Carson City area for over 35 years with our quality cleaning services. We tailor cleaning services as to what you a looking for in a professional cleaning contractor. This way you are assured everything you want and need done is accomplished while not having to pay for services you don’t want or need.

Contact us for a free consultation or quote. We can help assess your needs and put together a custom plan no matter the scope or size of the building. Find out why we have been the best in Reno for over 35 years.

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