Outsourcing Cleaning Services Helps in a Tight Labor Market

Outsourcing Cleaning Services Helps in a Tight Labor Market

Outsourcing Cleaning Services Helps in a Tight Labor Market in Northern Nevada

Today’s labor market, in Reno Nv, is making it harder to find qualified employees and retain them. Sometimes even when you find the right people, it is hard to keep them due to the lack of work. Outsourcing your cleaning services can help get your business back to how it used to be.

Increased Productivity

Outsourcing office cleaning services gives you time to focus on your business while leaving the janitorial services to the professionals. Hiring, training and managing a cleaning crew can take your time and focus away from what you need to concentrate on.

Good Investments

Training new employees is time consuming. It is extremely rare that when you hire someone they will perform to your standards the first day they start. Learning all of the protocols and commercial grade equipment takes time to master. Hiring a professional cleaning service assures that the workers are properly trained in all aspects.


Sanitizing means “it conforms to public health standards”. This deals more with the procedure of the cleaning process. Making sure tables are properly wiped down and other surfaces are cleaned to the same accordance with the regulations. These products might not have an EPA registration number but are required to remove 99.999% of all germs within 30 seconds of application.


Gone is the day when just a mop and bucket is good enough. That will never be able to compare to an industrial floor scrubber. It takes time to learn how the machine works and the equipment can be costly also. That is only a small part of what is used to maintain an office clean to the highest standards.

Turnover Reduction

Losing a team member can affect all employees and reduce team morale. That is not the only thing lost when an employee leaves, all of the training and knowledge is also lost. Then the process starts all over again and money is lost. When other employees have to assume the duties, production is less focused on.

Outsourcing Office Cleaning Services

Almost all of these problems can be solved by outsourcing your cleaning services to a professional contractor. Nevada Building Services can help you get everything in order for a safe working environment. Being licensed, bonded and insured gives you peace of mind while we are working for you. Trained and certified employees assures you of a job well done. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on everything that we do. Call or contact us for any questions that you may have about office cleaning. We can work out an individualized plan and offer a free quote.

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