What is Deep Commercial Cleaning?

Regular Commercial Cleaning

Regular cleaning is exactly what it means. It is what your cleaning contractor does on a regular basis. Sweeping, moping the floors and vacuuming the carpets are a large part of the job. Taking out the trash and cleaning the restrooms is also part of the basic regular cleaning service.

Deep Commercial Cleaning

Like we said deep commercial cleaning goes much further. Hard floors such as tile and VCT would more than likely be cleaned and/or buffed with a machine or other specialized equipment. This will also include a wipe down of the baseboards and walls.

When the garbage is taken out, the containers would receive a good cleaning, not just changing out the bag itself.


Deep cleaning goes further here also past just mopping the floors and cleaning the toilets. It includes completely disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces placing concentration on the high contact areas.


This is probably one of the most crucial areas to be kept clean. There are many high contact areas that need to be completely and fully disinfected. Door handles, elevator buttons, sign in desks and any other objects that are touched by everyone that enters the building.

Windows, Blinds and Curtains

We know windows are cleaned on a fairly regular basis, but when it comes to the blinds and curtains they are not normally cleaned until it becomes visible that they need cleaning. Another thing that is not normally cleaned are the air duct vents. A good deep cleaning can help keep down the dirt and dust in the air around you.

Kitchen and Break Room

This area has a lot of high contact areas also. Basic cleaning would be closer to just a wipe down of all of the surfaces. A deep cleaning would have the inside of the refrigerator and microwave completely sanitized. It could also include the interior of cabinets and other storage spaces.

Nevada Building Services has been serving the Reno-Sparks area for over 35 years with our commercial deep cleaning services. We only use certified ECO and GREEN friendly products at every job. We work closely with office and facility managers in order to understand the scope of the work they want done.

Call or contact us for a free consultation and quote. We can work around even the most difficult schedules in order not to inconvenience you or your business. There is no job too big or small. We will even sit down with you and answer any questions you may have.

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